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L.A. Textile Show

Hi guys! This is my first entry of the Salt Nomads blog- excited!!!! I’m nervous about how to get started! In these entries I want to give you guys an idea of my creative process, the stuff that inspires me, the day to day, blah blah blah. Am doubting myself so its best to just dive in and make myself….impress…myself…? Okay, so---

I took Naya to the LA Textile Show!! (

Bless her heart, that sweet child had been looking forward to this for MONTHS. It was fun, it was great. It was such a great memory of doing this in NYC with Robin Howe (my amazing former employer and mentor). I was looking for possible new linen suppliers and knits suppliers, Naya was heavily focused on the trims, sequins, and anything with a dangling jewel of some kind (or any kind!).

There were soooooo many great booths, it was hard to stay focused on the task at hand and OMG all of those people had bowls of candy on their tables. I had none (!), Naya had at least 15 pieces.

Ok, signing off! I hope next time to have a new cute sample to show off.

Please send me your comments!

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