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Felt ball and tassel necklaces

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

It has been sooooooo gorgeous here in LA the last couple of days! It feels like Fall might be deigning us with its presence but........nope, hubby says its gonna be back at 100 degrees by Friday. 100 degrees in October. I could live with it, I guess, but I just have too many great memories of boots and scarves in NYC at this time of year. Before the dreaded grey ice winter (when the beautiful snow just turns icy and grey from the city dirt, yyeeecchhhhh....).

Anyway, I made an adorbs new necklace the other day that I have been wearing everywhere. It was one of those projects that I had in my head for sooooo long but never gave myself the time to just sit and down and DO IT. Until one day I did. The same day I just DID IT and called the carpet cleaners to come clean my child-destroyed carpets. Also, husband destroyed; Dori accidentally splashed black olive juice all over the couch and carpet. Poor guy, love ya anyway! Anyway, it was a great creating and cleaning day.

So..... I've been getting a lot of compliments on this necklace, which makes me happy, although I would wear it anyway cause I LOVE IT. I made it using linen thread ( I am obsessed with linen and so i just can't stop this, although it is WAY better quality than just using embroidery thread, IMHO) that I braided for the string/ not-under-the-beads-part to make it even stronger. The "beads" are felted wool balls that I started obsessing over when Naya was in Waldorf preschool. Man, that is a whole other post. We lived in a felt flurry for lots of years. Ok and the tassels are handmade by me from linen thread also (yay linen!).

I am thinking about making these necklaces also in warm colors, cool colors, and neutrals (cream, black, grey, etc). Please tell me what you think!


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